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News | Events | 4/2/2016
A dip in the past: the nativity of Matera

A dip in the past: the nativity of Matera

Just an hour’s drive from our hotel, is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy. Indeed, perhaps the whole world. We are talking of Matera which, with its rocks, attracts millions of tourists from all over. With Christmas, then, the ambience of this town become even more magical thanks to the presentation of the Nativity of Matera.

presepe vivente di matera

One Of the most anticipated events of the year, with the passage of time and issues, which is gathering more and more supporters and membership of the public. Among the aspects of greatest success is just the scenery. Nothing artificial or constructed. The setting could not be any more appropriate. It is, in fact, right in between the stones of Matera that Mel Gibson filmed part of the scenes of the movie The Passion of the Christ.

The territory of Matera is very well suited to play the places of ancient history of important to Christianity. The rocks and the rock of the village, nestled in the angularity of a suggestive geography, give one of the best shows to relive one of the most significant moments of Christmas itself.

Aligned with the philosophy that guides the Christian principle in recent years, the issue of this year plans a search for faithful expression in search of the concept of family. “The Family”, is the title of the event and an untouchable Advent set design, becomes an almost theatrical work under the eyes of the viewer.

The Nativity of Matera: dates

The performance will be staged in Matera in different dates. A first representation was available to the public from 4 to 8 December. I am following three; 13, 19 and 20 December. Due to their success, the show was offered to to perform for the new year, it is sure of a new performance staged Jan. 1 to 3 in 2016.

Living expression and theatrical of what everyone knows as a still image of the classic crib. The live crib of Matera is an opportunity to experience an unforgettable night with your family.

At dusk, the lights begin to illuminate the background of a country that seems to emerge from a distant time. Actors in costume and scenery designed to complete the imaginary complete cultural heritage.

Attending this event means admiring a work more like a memorial than a simple performance. Having the opportunity to see the Nativity of Matera is to enter into harmony with the ecosystem of a tradition and a history that belongs to us, and delivering imagery to popular history, evidence of a culture


The Nativity of Matera: tickets and other useful information

Matera have several ticket offices to buy tickets of the event:

  • Info Point in Via Lucania – Tel. 338 1935238
  • Sassi Journal Newsstand Via Don Minzoni – Tel 0835 335305
  • Info Matera’s Piazza Vittorio Veneto – Tel. 0835 680254
  • Caravan Center Group at State Road 99 exit Commercial Area, 2 – C.da Ciccolocane SN 75100 Matera – Cell. 340 4605579
  • Matera City Tours Via Scotellaro, 4 in Matera – Tel. 0835 240404
  • Planet Service in Via San Pardo, 80 in Matera – Tel 0835 309131
  • Tekno Tourist Office in Via Volta – Tel. 0835 334543 Alternatively, you can also purchase tickets online on the event website: www.presepedimatera.it .

As a result of the delimitation of the area dedicated to the preparation of the performance, here is a map of parking areas available:

  • By car: Via Saragat Visitation Square, Piazza Matteotti, Parking in front of the Town Hall, Via Pasquale Vena.
  • For camper parking area is available in the municipal “Park Serra Friday” Via dei Normans. Tel 327 1135220

In short, the Nativity of Matera is famous for being the largest nativity scene in the world. Also this year’s edition is fascinating and spectacular, able to steal the eyes and fill your hearts. A plunge into the atmosphere of the most magical night of the year, where history and faith take shape from the pages of our Christian heritage. An event not to be missed to fully experience the true spirit of Christmas.

More information:

  • Tel. 0835 339401
  • Cell. 338 1935238
  • E-mail: info@presepematera.it