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News | Events | 3/2/2016


And here we are at the second interview of bloggers participating in the project #365PugliaDays and staying at the Hotel Barion Puglia to live off season. After Pam, the youngest of the group, it was the turn of Cristiano Guidetti – blessed among women… Oh yes, he will in fact be the only boy of this wonderful group. But no more talk, to him the words!



1) Tell us a bit about yourself, of your blog and your passion for travel?

I have almost 40 years but better not to disseminate information, work in the world of tourism as a social media strategist and blogger now for 7 years. I founded ViaggioVero.com in 2008 and the goal from the beginning was to share all that I and my collaborators / authors knew of a certain place or travel service.

This desire to share brought us to grow a community, which now has almost 8,500 players joined the site. All this is still a reflection of my passion for “the way” the feeling that only a trip can give you, whether it’s a week at the beach or a month on the road does not change. Those loves are inside you and you don’t even know why they are so strong, we have to live and maybe go along with them, all to be happy.

2) If I say Apulia off season, what image comes to mind and why?

The first thing I feel it is not an image but is a feeling of desire. I love to visit places off season. Because they show no makeup and I can understand them better. If I think of Apulia out of season I can think of: – Famous towns that I could enjoy with all the peace they deserve. – Beaches with some person running or walking and enjoying the nature around.

– Dishes and calorie-rich, those who They are served in the cooler seasons. – A light at sunset more poignant than in the summer and I feel the need to photograph.

3) Three things you should never miss in a suitcase

I’m not really a person who believes it is essential have objects on the road, so beyond the ones I use to work recommend physical objects but also emotional: – a camera with several memory cards – the willingness to let go and listen to the locals, you have to go light in all the senses – an empty space because you never know who you will be able to find an object that you fall in love

4) The Perfect Trip is…

It depends on the moment. I always say that the trip could be perfect for me even a week at the beach with friends. Why not? It could be a weekend or a month alone in the mountains on a long country trek. The perfect trip reflects the mood you have in that moment and the needs that your unconscious demands. This is why I said at the beginning that the passion for travel is indulged in all its forms.

Thanks Christian! See you in Puglia then! And for those who want to know you a bit ‘better, we leave here your social contacts: