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News | Events | 15/3/2016


The Holy Week in Puglia is rich in events throughout the region. Also on our Costa dei Trulli are the traditional rites and processions of the places of passion. Be captivated by the events and discover the traditions and the beauty of the Land of Bari and its coast with some of the most special processions representing  how we celebrate Easter in Puglia during Holy Week, and that take place near the Barion Hotel.

To best know our beautiful land, in the Easter traditions which you’ll find in the rest of the article, you may enjoy some of the local experiences that most tickle your curiosity: you can choose among themed gastronomy or culture and entertainment. The variety is so great, it is not impossible find the experience for you!

How to celebrate Easter in Puglia


The “Passion alive” in Conversano

Just 30 km south of Bari, Conversano is located on a hill of Murge, just 8 km from the sea. Of ancient origin, immersed in the green countryside, it is one of the few places that combines tradition and development. During Holy Week, Conversano is characterized by rituals that culminate in the days of Thursday and Good Friday.

The program is very busy and you can consult it on the official website of Holy Week in Conversano. It’s definitely a great opportunity to learn about the traditions of the place on the occasion of Easter and to be part of it. The events not to be missed? The Living Passion of Holy Tuesday, to be held throughout the historic center of the town, with a distance of 3 km lit by torches. Good Friday also holds the most significant rite of Holy Week in Conversano: the procession of the Black Christ, the Kiss of the Black Christ of the Cross in the Church of Santa Maria Island, at about a kilometer from the village. On the evening of Holy Thursday, the faithful go to the Monastery to kiss and thank Jesus. All this takes place at 3:00 at night. Also on Friday at 16.00, there is the Procession of the Mysteries and the Holy Wood at the Church of the Passion.

Il Cristo Nero

The Black Crist

The Statuary groups of Molfetta

The oldest procession takes place right in Molfetta and is the Procession of the Five Mysteries Christ (in the Garden of Olives, the Flagellation, Behold the Man, Christ at Calvary and The Dead Christ), where five wooden statues representing the sorrowful Mysteries are carried in on the shoulders of the faithful. From the Church of S. Stefano at 3.00 on the morning of Good Friday, the procession begins through the streets of the countryside. On Holy Saturday there will be the procession of Mercy from the Church of Purgatory.

Processione La Pietà

procession of Mercy

The “Crociferi” of Noicattaro

The Holy Week of Noicattaro is contained mainly in two nights, with three processions that last many hours. On Holy Thursday the Crociferi Pilgrimage for altar of repose takes place, and at 19.30 the ignition takes place of the Bonfire of the churchyard of the Church of Madonna della Lama: which will burn dry nooses that citizens will deposit during Lent to help harvest in the fields. The last Holy Thursday procession is that of the First Cross Bearer “Craocia Vecchie” which takes place at 20.00 at the Church of Our Lady Lama. On Good Friday the Procession of Naka is held with the dead Christ taken down from the Cross, which always starts from the Church of Our Lady Lama. On Holy Saturday two processions are held: the Procession of Sorrows at 2 am across the country, lit only by the moon and candles placed on the balconies, and finally the last 15 hours the Procession of the Mysteries.

Procession of Mistery

Procession of the Mysteries

These are just some of the processions taking place in the surroundings of Bari. Even the spiritual rites of Valenzano, Ruvo di Puglia Bitonto are just as beautiful and charming. Particularly noteworthy is the Living Passion of Alberobello, which takes place on Good Friday, March 25 at 21.00 in Independence Square with over 200 operating figures.

La Passione Vivente di Alberobello

Living Passion of Alberobello


In this video, are some beautiful testimonies of Holy Week in Apulia.

For more information on all the events of Holy Week and how we celebrate Easter in Apulia, please visit the official website Holy Week in Puglia.