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Local Experiences
Olive oil tour: from the harvest through to the bottling!

Olive oil tour: from the harvest through to the bottling!

Among Puglia’s regional treasures there is one that stands out: it’s the “Yellow Gold”, that is, olive oil. You will visit a family-run organic olive oil farm in Miggiano, near Lecce. Here you’ll meet the owners Marta, Consiglia and Vito, three siblings who inherited their father’s company – who in turn had inherited it from his grandfather. They keep the manufacturing facility – which dates back to 1700 – running and take care of the farm and the marvellous centuries-old olive trees, all the while helping to protect nature and promote biodiversity.

This small artisan company carries forward a long tradition whilst at the same time investing in modern equipment to improve the products.

It now boasts a modern oil mill where natural methods are used to take the product from the tree to the bottle. This “farm-to-table” journey will start with a walk, together with the two sisters, Marta and Consiglia, amongst the ancient olive trees. A short car trip will enable you to reach the olive tree groves. Surrounded by these living monuments of nature, you’ll realise that they are not just simple trees but living creatures in need of love and care, just like real people! After the relaxing walk, you will return to the farm where you’ll learn about the olive oil process – from the harvest to the processing in the mill and then to the bottling – all of which enables the highest quality of oil to be retained, and which is so precious for our health. Depending on the season, you might even be able to join in the olive harvest and pick the olives yourself! The harvest takes place during the months of October, November and December: in this period you will be able to assist with the harvest, otherwise a video will be shown

olio d'oliva


After learning about the technical aspects of production, a guided olive oil tasting session will follow, led by professional olive oil taster Marta. During the tasting, you’ll feel like you’re back at school: you’ll attend a practical training session, learning to recognise the top quality oils and pair them with the correct food. At the end of all this you’ll be very well-informed; in fact you’ll be an expert on the subject!

Finally, you will be spoilt with a zero kilometre aperitif that has been seasoned with olive oil prepared by the expert hands of Marta! After this tour, you’ll realise that every single drop of oil is the result of very hard work that not only enhances the flavours of the oil but also contains all the respect and love of their land as well as being beneficial to our health! Extra virgin olive oil, in fact, is considered a key ingredient in the “Mediterranean diet” classified by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity!


  • Guided visit to an organic farm that produces extra virgin olive oil
  • Guided walking tour through our living monument of olive trees
  • Visit to the olive oil mill
  • Guided olive oil tasting and sensory evaluation of extra virgin olive oil
  • Hand-made aperitif with the owner (the food eaten during the tour is roughly the same as a light lunch or dinner)
  • VAT and taxes.


  • Any extras you may wish to buy
  • Private transfer (available on request)

€ 38,00