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News | Events | 4/2/2016
New Year in and around Bari: 5 big ideas to celebrate

New Year in and around Bari: 5 big ideas to celebrate

2015 is about to end. The long-awaited New Year’s Eve is approaching and here in Bari we are ready to say goodbye to the old year and welcome 2016. For those who choose to visit us, therefore, we have thought of everything. A cozy room, many special offers and 5 suggested ideas to spend the last day of 2015 in an unusual way, in Bari and its surroundings.

cosa fare capodanno bari


The National March for peace

This is the first suggestion because without doubt is one of the most important events in the area. The 48th National March for Peace will be held in Molfetta, near Bari. An unmissable event and way of life on the last day of the year with the accompanying philosophical appeal which will continue throughout the Catholic world for 2016. “Overcoming indifference and conquest peace” is precisely the message that Pope Francis gave to the whole world. On this magical night, in the province of Bari, the meaning of this sentence will be poured out on the streets. A wonderful and exciting ride of which you can get more details (and proceed with the registration) at this website: www.diocesimolfetta.it.

New year on the square

Don’t worry about the cold temperatures as here in Bari you can spend the last hours of the year in the open, even if it is in December. It is in fact the way in which the city intends to spend New Year’s Eve on the night of December 31. The festivities do not fear cold or atmospheric changes. The perfect walk along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Piazza reaches Prefecture, where the opportunity is set up a stage on which you can watch the best DJ in the area. Music and dancing, or just strolling through the crowd and celebrating in the midst of people, is one of the most genuine ways to celebrate without worries and experience the heart of the city.

Concert artists

In Bari they know how to have fun and the music is a necessary tool in the common order. DJ sets and performances are planned and the Apulian city has a very popular soul. An identity that obviously could only be the choice of artists for unique concerts. The scene is Gigi D’Alessio and Friends on the night of December 31. He will perform his most famous songs around the fateful stroke of midnight. There is no news about what other artists will accompany the Neapolitan singer but many expect a surprise like last year, when performing on the same stage were “Elio e le Storie Tese” and Vinicio Capossela.

Tradition in the streets to Alberobello

If you want to participate fully in the tradition of the place, see in more detail in the area of Salento, or you’re on the balcony or eye to the head. In the sense that every year, New Year’s Eve is a time when the streets of the village of Puglia you spend the usual time of the launch of the old stuff. In recent years, in Alberobello, it has become almost a symbolic gesture but remains fascinating to see. So watch out for the launching of old dishes, plates, glass and cookware various flying from the windows. It is said that you can make up something to take home. When in doubt, stay as long as possible in the centre of the roads.

If you are a guest in some house, instead, have fun throwing “symbolically” the old things out the window. Superstitious tradition that could lead well to the fate of your new year.

Walk on the waterfront

For those who love peace and do not want to miss the beauty of the sea even in winter, the advice is to go to Mola di Bari. A short distance from the city, Mola is situated directly on a beautiful stretch of sea where all through the evening of December 31 is a complex scene of live music and jazz populating the sidewalks of the local road. A nice walk along the sea with the glare of the Christmas lights on the water is a sight to be framed in the memories if even accompanied by good music that will be the background to the coast. In short, the choice is spending the most important night of the year in the middle of the commoner joviality of the people, dancing or walking stroking the water of the Adriatic Sea, one thing is certain: the new year in Bari and surroundings will be unforgettable.