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News | What to do | 2/9/2016
Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare

There are places where time seems to stand still without aging but gaining in value to become more and more prestigious. One of these is Polignano a Mare.

Polignano a Mare is only 20 minutes drive from our Barion Hotel. This spectacular village is spread over a cliff 25 meters high. The colours of this town range from the green of the Adriatic Sea to the typical white houses that stand overlooking the sea!


The beautiful coastline of Polignano is created by picturesque coves and bays carved by the sea. Numerous boats depart from the harbour so you can discover this town from a different perspective. The Polignano beaches can be fine sand, such as Porto Cavallo, where it is a must to create sculptures together with your children, or made from pebbles such as the famous Monachile Lama.


Inside the town, among the many monuments to visit, you can find the Abbey of San Vito, a Romanesque church and the Pino Pascali Museum with contemporary works of art on display.

The Ancient Hamlet is one of the prettiest spots of Polignano. To access it you have to go under the impressive Marchesale arch that welcomes you to lead you on a discovery of every hidden corner. From there you can walk up to the famous terraces to enjoy a breath-taking view overlooking the Adriatic. Poetry is everywhere, on the houses, on the steps and on the roads. Quotes by famous poets and authors accompany you to discover this beautiful town.

The bronze sculpture that welcomes you on arrival is a tribute to the famous singer songwriter Domenico Modugno, who dedicated a song to his native village, and so we can do no more than quote it:

” Ma guarda intorno a te 
che doni ti hanno fatto:
ti hanno inventato il mare eh!
Tu dici non ho niente
Ti sembra niente il sole!
La vita,  

(Meraviglioso – Domenico Modugno)

“Look around you

the gifts you have received:

they have invented the sea eh!

You say I have nothing

Does the sun seem nothing!



(Meraviglioso – Domenico Modugno)


For the fourth time Polignano has been chosen as the site for Red Bull Cliff Diving to be held on  28 August 2016.

Men and women will compete in competition diving. Numerous spectators flock to the town every year to witness this spectacle. Cliff Diving means diving from the high cliffs and in Polignano a Mare there are two diving boards (one at 27 meters and the other at 21) located on a private terrace. This location is one of the most famous in the world.


Italy is without doubt the country of good food and in Puglia you can taste the delicious fish dishes. Our restaurant  offers many typical dishes (and more …) to taste and enjoy.

If you decide to spend a day in Polignano you can find many restaurants where you can taste some good fish and many other dishes of Italian and Apulian cuisine. One of the most popular restaurants for its quality and location is Mint Cucina Fresca. A great love of cooking in a small but very attractive restaurant.

For the crazy location you must try Grotta Palazzese. The restaurant is situated inside a cave, famous for numerous television commercials filmed there. The thrill of eating dinner or lunch there is wonderful!

Polignano is romantic and charming: it will definitely win you over! If we have convinced you to visit this pearl of Puglia, explore our offer for Boat trips in Polignano a Mare.