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News | Events | 15/2/2016


If you are lovers of tradition and folklore events, you will not be able to miss one of the most distinctive creative performances of our country. We are talking of the Carnival of Putignano, easily reached from our hotel in Bari within 45 minutes, either by car or by train.

carnevale di putignano


His story has roots as far back as 1394, giving this event the title of the oldest in Europe. It was born by chance, from what was a normal transportation of ancient relics in the hinterland of Putignano.

The move was ordered by the noble Knights of Malta, who ruled the lands of the place and who decided to protect the precious Castle of Monopoli from possible Saracen invasions.

The new unwitting farmers became guardians of the surrounding lands. They were often used to entertain at parties and revelry seasoned with jokes and dancing, just after the hours of daily activities.

carnevale di putignano

It seems that it was precisely their goliardic figure as dirty men of the earth and flour, according to historians, to fascinating figures which today are the masks of the Carnival of Putignano.

What we can see is unique and amazing, where the master craftsmen of paper mache are able to offer wonderful and famous masks – majestic, expressive, bizarre and definitely fun .

Many call him “our” Rio carnival. In fact, it is an event full of joy, color, jokes and pure hilarity. The satirical masks and more or less subtle irony: to parade there will be fantasy characters but also famous people and faces appropriately caricatured.

In short, a series of wagons, thousands of visitors can laugh and be amazed with their nose pointed up.


The Putignano Carnival is one of the longest events of the year. It begins on January 17 with the inevitable ceremony in which a candle is lit in the church, all participants in the Carnival period will ask for pardon for sins they commit throughout the festival. At the end of the day, we start with offshoots.

carnevale di putignano

The offshoots of the festival is a must-read that officially opens the entire period. The show consists of the recitation of verses in rhyme in the putignanese dialect. The themes are always current, since they are always stories that are mocking the powerful and is done with biting satire on the managerial classes who ruled the country in the last year.


So here begins the official program of this year. Appointments are many and diverse, involving children and adults in a period of celebration and entertainment that will end only on Tuesday, February 9. Throughout the city you will have access to events, theme parties and for local events, of course, respect the spirit of Carnival offering branded entertainment of the classic Putignano event.

carnevale di putignano

On the official website of the Carnival of Putignano it is precisely available the complete program of events that involve the entire city: http://www.carnevalediputignano.it/programma/ or you can download the PDF at this link.

The ones that still represent the heart of identity are the carnival of floats! It will officially parade on 24 January and 7 February at 11.00, and 30 January and 9 February at 19.00. They are obviously not to be missed and if you are here in Bari, you can not fail to make a trip to see them in Putignano.


The mask of the Carnival of Putignano is Farinella. With multicolored clothes and hat the two heads are equipped with bells, Farinella hides the ancient gastronomic face of Murgia town. Yes, because the farinella is a flour of chickpeas and barley ground and roasted, and was the main meal of generations of farmers at work in the fields. But, at some point, it has conquered the palates of Lords as an ingredient for the richest recipes and for the pleasure loving gentlemen of substance, making it also the symbol of the carnival mask.

carnevale di putigano

Today we can follow the traces of its history, in the corner of Putignano most intimate and artisan: the laboratory of Paolo Campanella, the last and sole repository of the ancient craft miller. He is the sole custodian of the ancient miller’s trade that his family has been handed down for four generations. A legacy that lives in the old stone mill consists of two discs no larger than 60 cm in diameter, motor functioning today. But what is more important, then as now, are the raw materials – only local barley and chickpeas grown in Putignano or in the nearby Altamura, and then the gestures, the result of a manual that has for exact science only touch to evaluate when flour it is ready.


All the information about the event is available by contacting the Foundation Carnival of Putignano, Via Conversano 3 / F – 70017 Putignano (BA). Phone / fax number: +39 080 4911532. E-mail: info@carnevalediputignano.it.