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News | Food & Wine | 23/2/2016
Street food of Bari

Street food of Bari

If I say Bari what do you think? The blue sky, the promenade, the mild climate and the Street Food typical of our city, which you can find at every corner and is always incredibly good. Coming to Bari without tasting the typical food, interacting with the people of Bari, adapting to their habits, it is like not being there!

So the MUST EAT ITEMS on your trip to Bari are: sgagliozze, popizze, Bari focaccia, panzerotto and orecchiette. Premise: you need not fear the fried food, they are highly digestible because it is made ​​in extra virgin olive oil! There are also cheeses and cold cuts that will make you lose your mind!

Come and visit us with an empty and hungry belly, you will not regret it!

Street Food Bari

Street food of Bari


They are simple and you do find them in other parts of Italy, but they have other names. They are pieces of fried polenta with a little salt over them. Polenta in Puglia? Well yes… Simple? Absolutely yes! Addictive? Well! Inside the district of Bari Vecchia there are banquets outside the doors of the house with large pots ready to fry the sgagliozze. The most famous is the Lady Mary, known by all the people of Bari and legendary among tourists!


Fried dough balls and salty pizza. Simple simple, but like cherries: one leads to another, and the bag is empty! Stroll through the old town, eat popizze and lick your fingers to taste the salt… If you prefer the sweet, there is also the variant with sugar instead of salt.


Famous, our famous Apulian focaccia. The traditional recipe also includes the ingredient of a crushed boiled potato. To be seasoned to taste: cherry tomatoes or olives. Fantastic, crisp and tasty: a difficult taste find anywhere else! A tip: eat the cake on one of the many benches of the promenade: a difficult combination to forget, try it!

Focaccia e lungomare Barese


The panzerotti are made ​​with pizza dough and stuffed with whatever you want! The classic is with tomato and mozzarella or ground beef. Is there a particular way to eat them without getting your clothes stained with the fillings: being hot, almost searing, the filling inside is very liquid. Leaning forward with your upper body, so that if the filling does fall out, it will not be on your shoes or on your clothes, but, unfortunately, on the ground!


They are known everywhere and typical of Bari, their format is unmistakable. In the city they can be found everywhere for tasting and for sale. But if you want to immerse yourself in the true spirit of Bari, go in the centre, in front of the Castello Svevo in Arco Basso: you will find tables outside the houses to show and to dry the orecchiette handmade by the ladies of Bari Vecchia. If you are lucky you will see the ladies at work: it is fascinating to stop and watch them make the orecchiette. Speed ​​and accuracy accompanying the chatter passing from house to house, the chair seat. Enjoy the orecchiette with tomato sauce with a glass of red wine: perfection!

Orecchiette al ragu’ ed un bicchiere di vino rosso: Bari mi piace sempre piu’! ?

Una foto pubblicata da Il Turista Informato (@ilturistainformato) in data:

If you love to cook and learn new recipes, we suggest you try the Cooking Class in Conversano: in a beautiful farm you will learn the secrets of the typical kitchen and cooking a full menu of tradition. After the hard work, there will of course be the tasting of the prepared dishes such as Bari focaccia, the panzerotti and much more!