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News | What to do | 8/9/2016
What to do around Bari

What to do around Bari

Puglia is known above all for its beautiful sea, but it offers much more:  art and history are well preserved in Puglia’s towns.

Our Barion Hotel came into being to combine different needs, in particular linked to business meetings but it is also the starting point for visiting Puglia’s towns and villages such as Bari, Polignano a Mare, Alberobello and the marvellous hamlets in the Valle d’Itria.

Our Hotel is near Bari, the city of St. Nicholas! The greatest attraction is the Basilica of the same name which was built when the relics of the Saint arrived here on 9th May 1087. Many Orthodox and Catholic pilgrims come to Bari each year to worship the patron saint. Since 1960, the crypt of the Basilica has also been open to the Orthodox rite.

The old city of Bari can have some incredible sights in store for you! On the doorsteps of the houses, you can watch the old ladies preparing the typical pasta of Puglia: orecchiette. Only in Bari can you see this marvellous example of how the traditions are still alive. Old Bari is made up of culture and traditions which will simply fascinate you! Don’t forget to try the typical dishes of Puglia and, why not, try  the Street Food of Bari as well!

What to do around Bari

After visiting the capital of Puglia, what can you do around Bari? Just a few kilometres from our hotel, at the most 35 minutes by car, there is  Alberobello, the capital of the “trulli” and a UNESCO site since  1996. Did you know that the name of this town comes from Late Greek? It means ‘dome’ and refers to the ancient conical buildings of stone.

The old part of the centre of the city is divided into two: in one part there are the trulli and the modern buildings stand in the eastern part. On the western high point, the trulli are divided into two neighbourhoods: Aia Piccola and Monti. Aia Piccola is very typical and as you stroll through its lanes you can feel the marvellous atmosphere of its about 600 trulli. Rione Monti preserves about 1,000 trulli on the hillside and you will be enchanted by the sight of these ancient constructions!

Cosa fare nei dintorni di bari1

Only 20 km from the Barion Hotel there is small Polignano, the town where the Italian singer Domenico Modugno was born. The town has paid tribute to the famous singer and songwriter with a statue portraying him with his arms wide open which dominates the seafront. This pretty little white town stands on a cliff 25 metres above the sea and is very crowded, especially when the international Red Bull Cliff Diving contest is held.

In the summer you can discover the  sea grottos of lovely  Polignano: from the small harbour, boats leave which let tourists spend a few hours admiring the town from a different perspective. For those who like fish, there are many restaurants where you can try our typical cuisine! For dinner, I can recommend one of the most renowned restaurants, thanks also to its splendid location, the Grotta Palazzese!

Polignano a Mare2

For lovers of the countryside, it is wonderful to go through the villages of the  Valle d’Itria in all seasons. In the winter the country folk harvesting the olives can be admired and at the olive presses you can see how the green gold of Puglia is produced.

The grape harvest  is the queen of the autumn! Around  Alberobello you can enjoy the typical cured meats  (like the Capocollo from Martina Franca), the different local wines and visit the museum of wine to get to know the varieties of grapes grown in Puglia.  In the springtime, the cherry trees in blossom contrast with the red earth whilst in the summer you will be intoxicated by the perfume of the fruit on the trees.

The Valle d’Itria is rich in local produce, such as the Capocollo of Martina Franca already mentioned or the famous ‘bombette’ (meat rolls) in Cisternino and Locorotondo, two of the prettiest villages of Italia. Going from one village to another in the Valle d’Itria is thus the best way to discover the culinary delights of Puglia!

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Una foto pubblicata da Nunzia Cillo ?✍? (@nunziacillo) in data:

Puglia is an enchanting region and our Hotel is the perfect starting point for a journey  through history from Magna Greece to the baroque period. What do you think about setting off to discover these pearls of Puglia? Discover our special offers, you are bound to find the right one for you!