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News | Events | 4/2/2016
What to do in Bari at Christmas

What to do in Bari at Christmas

Maybe without snow. Maybe without frost covering trees and meadows. Maybe without the crackling fire. But Christmas is Christmas in Bari. With its suggestions, the lights, the colors, the sweet melodies, the packages to be wrapped and the many activities to take part to make the day even more special.

As with every year, Bari offers a rich program of entertainment for the Christmas holidays, suitable for everyone: families, couples, young and old.

cosa fare a bari a natale

In short, between a good dish of orecchiette and a slice of cake, there are many surprises for this Christmas season.

The official start is scheduled for 6, December where in the Piazza Ferrarese will be the usual Christmas tree that does not skimp in a certain amount of glamour and spectacular lights. The inauguration of the square, dressed for the holidays, is accompanied by an exciting concert with more than 30 entries in a gospel choir that has every intention to excite young and old. The band and the street performers, however, have the task of accompanying the citizens while Christmas shopping. After shopping you can divert directly to Piazza Cesare Battisti, Merchant Square or along the wall.

Throughout the period of the white Christmas people will be attending the official markets of Bari, compounds with more than 48 kiosks which host the most rundown and traditional craftsmen country.

If you have a fear of becoming slaves to the crowd, no worries. For the lazy there is a bus / shuttle “Park & Ride” that have the ability of transporting your purchases, cradling the passengers with the spread of magical Christmas music.

The entire holiday season in Bari is also characterized by concerts, and shows that will continue until the end of the month. On the day of the Immaculate (December 8), there are many pathways involved in what is a package of up to 7 concerts of pop, rock and jazz. Via Argio Via Sparano, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Risorgimento and Largo Adua are officially the nerve center of music and party, for what surely will be a special day.

On December 9, the music changes, but the volume is lowered by some. It is expected, in fact, a musical tour conducted by the Marching Band, for all districts Freedom, Murattino, Madonnella-Umbertino obviously Bari Vecchia. If this is too much, for lovers of chamber music, instead two performances of piano in Via Argiro are provided on the balconies of Via Sparano, on 12 and 18 December.

This is not all. Christmas 2015 in Bari sees the presence of a wonderful ice rink around the fountain in Piazza Umberto, in the magical setting of a Santa’s Village built specially for the occasion. The whole area has been designed to give a riot of colors and spectacular effects. Among these is the inevitable snow machine, necessary to keep the fairy tale of the “Enchanted Forest”.

For children

Children and more innocent souls can rejoice at over 80 shows that will take place in a continuous cycle and will offer performances of puppets, Christmas readings, narration of fairy tales and the presence of fairies, elves, wizards and the expected final host. A Santa Claus ready to take pictures with everyone!

In addition, from December 18, 2015 to January 10, 2016 also comes UOVOKIDS, the most important Italian festivals, innovative and multidisciplinary, dedicated to contemporary creativity for children and families. The detailed program is available on www.uovokids.it. Uovokids is unusual and engaging, an unprecedented festival and workshop leading children and adults, alone and together, on a journey to explore the new territories of the EA, science and creativity.


There is no Christmas if there is not a crib. In Bari, tradition tends to keep it sacred and they know it very well. So, in Piazza Ferrarese there is one present for the entire period, until January 6, the celebration of the masters cribs that offer a reconstruction of the magic of Christmas night. If this were not enough, the lovers of artistic attractions are satisfied with the performance of the many street artists, in the day and the night of 24 December.

Santa Claus is welcome even in Bari. The hospitality of the Apulian city is ready to not disappoint with Christmas nearly upon us. There are many things to see and be able to do from December 6 to January 6. One thing is certain; concerts, music, attractions, lights and markets, it is impossible to get bored. Throughout the program, information can be found on the dedicated website: www.nataleabari.it