Open hall

Located in the hall floor, it can be configured according to four provisions:

a) Theater style theater with a capacity of 270 people

b) School style with a capacity of 100 people

c) Style Horseshoe table with a capacity of 70 people

d) Unique imperial table style with a capacity of 80 people

It has: LAN and Wi-Fi connection, video projector and screen, laser pointer, microphone with and without wires with autonomous management and possibility to select music channels, flipchart, possibility of simultaneous translation.



Sala Giglio
Sala Open
Sala Orchidea
Sala Rosa

Giglio Hall

165 mq

Open Hall

345 mq.

Orchidea Hall

111 mq.

Rosa Hall

49 mq.


Sala Amarillis
Sala Magniolia
Sala Peonia
Sala Mimosa

Amarillis Hall

75 mq

Magnolia Hall

145 mq.

Open Hall

22 mq.

Mimosa Hall

23 mq.




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