Conference rooms

Congresses are important moments in the life of a company and, as such, they must be lived in environments that allow not only the discussion of the issues themselves, but also, and above all, give event users the opportunity to live This experience with elegance, comfort and comfort. Efficiency in the services used.

The attention to these details is important and those who organize these events know it well, so Barion Hotel & Congressi places great emphasis on these issues, offering a wide range of auxiliary services in addition to the 6 existing conference rooms within the structure, in order for people to live the event with experiences of relaxation and total comfort.

Sala Giglio
Sala Open
Sala Orchidea
Sala Rosa

Giglio Hall

165 mq

Open Hall

345 mq.

Orchidea Hall

111 mq.

Rosa Hall

49 mq.


Sala Rosa
Sala Magniolia
Sala Peonia
Sala Mimosa

Amarillis Hall

75 mq

Magnolia Hall

145 mq.

Oro Hall

22 mq.

Mimosa Hall

23 mq.




Barion Hotel & Congressi

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