The Barion Hotel opens its doors to our 4-legged friends!

You can bring your puppies (max weight 10-12 kilos) for our holidays to our structure. Here are some information and rules that you will find useful:


1 - Can my pet enter the restaurant and / or breakfast room?

To avoid unpleasant inconveniences in the areas mentioned above, animals are not allowed, not even on a leash or with a muzzle.

2 - Do you provide pet food and / or bowls etc ...?

Currently we do not resell this type of food and we do not have objects and utensils for pets

3 - Is the room sanitized?

Absolutely yes! Our staff works to ensure that everything is sanitized and cleaned in the best possible way, both before, during and after the stay

4 - Are there beaches that accept dogs or otherwise animate them near your facility?


5 - Are there veterinary facilities nearby?

Being in Bari, in the city there are veterinary clinics, but anyway here are some useful numbers of veterinarians strictly in the area

6 - Do I have to pay a supplement for the presence of my pet?

Yes, the supplement is € 10.00 per day.

7 -Is there a minimum or maximum size for dogs?

Yes, we accept up to a medium size (max weight 10-12 kilos) just to allow your four-legged companion to live comfortably in the room.